Truth will create a far stronger brand.

I'm a creative brand specialist with a hunger to drive forward businesses whose budgets may be tight, but whose ambitions are large.

We all know we need to think more and more about our brand. What is its purpose? Why should people care?

But what does getting your brand right actually look and feel like?

The problem is far too many companies want to be something they’re not, and nowadays customers see right through it. If you want to build a loyal following, you need to be transparent, authentic, and most of all… dare to be yourself!

Let us tell your truth. We just dare you to be you!

In today’s world, it’s time to box clever and think smart about your brand. The over-service agency approach doesn’t suit everyone’s wallet, especially when you feel your briefs get dropped in the junior’s inbox.

That’s why at Truth or Dare it’s different. You’ll deal with a team of one. One very experienced brand designer who is, when required, supported by some rather mischievous but brilliantly handsome creatives and consultants.

We’ve got experience at both ends of the spectrum. From artisan food producers and sole trader startups to international corporate insurance and tech brands. You can rest assured that Truth or Dare delivers.