the truth about me

Truth or Dare, thats me. David Holloway and I'm a freelance brand designer specialising in visual identities and brand experience websites. 

As much as it might feel like it, this isn’t a big agency with marble floors, a revolving door, salted caramel mocha frappucino’s on tap and a client services bill that will make your eyes water. I’ve worked in big agencies, I even founded my own for 10 years but now it’s just me… well, for most of the time!

Freelance brand designer in Suffolk

So what's a freelance brand designer?

Half golfer and half designer obviously! Seriously though, if you can’t find me that’s probably where i am, somewhere either side of the fairway looking for a small white ball!

With 15+ years experience in branding and advertising agencies, my core skills lie in interpreting a strategic brand positioning and bringing it to life graphically in what I would refer to as a creative brand visual identity. It’s not just a logo, but colours typography and any illustrative or photographic elements. And it’s not just for brands either. I’ve created visual identities for both events and marketing campaigns too where a strong visual style is required.

Every project has different requirements and don’t always need a new logo. Once they are complete I like to express them on a select group of example brand assets before they are then presented in a brand book or identity guidelines for future teams to follow.

Additionally as a freelance brand designer I also produce fully responsive and content managed brand experience websites built with Elementor®. These aren’t ecommerce shops or heavy custom systems but simply about presenting the story behind a brand, who it is, what it does and most importantly, why you’ll care.

What's on offer

Brand strategy

If you’re struggling to communicate what makes your business special, it’s time to clear the fog. From desk research and focus groups to employee interviews and stakeholder workshops, we’ll get under the skin of what makes your business unique and develop a brand positioning that gives your business the foundation to accelerate growth.

Visual identity

Brands, events and marketing campaigns all need visual identities. Once the positioning and messaging is in place it’s a matter of bringing it all to life with a logo marque, colours, typography and imagery. To express the new identity and before full content creation we would present the visual identity conceptually across a few chosen deliverables.

Brand website

With a clear visual identity in place a new website can be mapped, designed and developed. We don’t agree with holding clients in to bespoke systems so all of our sites are built using an open source content management system called Elementor®. You’ll have the ability to totally customise your site with the industries leading visual website builder. 

Freelance brand designer in Suffolk

The wider team

I’d never get this far without an extremely talented network around me. I guess thats the benefit of grafting for 15+ years, you get out and about and can cherrypick the good ones!

Occasionally projects fall out of my personal Swiss Army Knife of skills. At Truth or Dare it’s about being open when we need to bringing in any specialist consultants, strategists or mischievous creatives to projects. The icing on the cake is that we’ve all worked together for years so you’ll get the feel of a smooth flowing full service agency but only when you need it. It’s like your own creativity on tap.

If you've got a project you need to start, message below!