New brand






32 Stripes is the recruitment specialist for senior and technical roles that makes more productive matches because it works harder.

They dig deeper to understand the real needs of each client and getting behind every candidate to uncover their true qualities and reveal their full potential.

The challenge

Recruitment has an image problem. It is best known for offering a bucket load of promises it cannot keep. Its tactics are crude, drowning clients with people who may or may not fit their requirements but are on the market.

Its people are often inexperienced and lack finesse. It is driven by turnover and short term objectives rather than long term value and relationships.

But tolerance has its limits. What might be acceptable in volume recruitment is not at all when resourcing senior positions in specialised industries.

For roles that are understandably difficult to fill an entirely different approach is needed.

The truth

32 Stripes makes but one promise: to work harder.

Committed to delivering results, its people dig deeper to understand the real needs of every client—interrogating the brief, illuminating the challenges and embracing the culture.

And they invest in developing a network of talented and aspiring candidates. They spend time getting the real story of every candidate to uncover their true qualities, their genuine strengths, attitudes and aspirations, and reveal their full potential.

Altogether, 32 Stripes offers a service that is distinctive because it is more productive. By being prepared to think creatively and to use intelligence to solve difficult recruitment problems its consultants are more effective and remain engaged in the task however difficult it may be.

More commitment, creativity, working harder and smarter to make the right connections. The visual ID translated this energy, drive and understanding by imagining 32 Strips consultants in the form of a wave. As they weave between client and candidate they see the potential connections differently, gathering a full 360˚ perspective of the challenges before making any selections.

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