Here & Now People is an improv class and workplace learning experience to help businesses and individuals learn to live beautifully with uncertainty and change.

From helping individuals to be constantly listening to what your partner is saying and reacting in the moment, to teaching workforces be more present and engaged in conversations, and be more open to new ideas and possibilities.

The challenge

Looking to launch online, Here & Now needed to develop their brand and organise their visual assets to set the course for the future

Improv is fantastic but in this instance guidelines were required to maintain a consistent communication style. 

The truth

Improv in itself is highly creative and playful so the brand needed to express this but also a sense of calm. The serene colours and sea theme represented the fascinating communication styles of sea creatures and the flow you experience with improv.

With a brand that serves both consumer and corporate it was key to present these clearly but unforced with training and workshops available for both. 

From whales and molluscs to bacteria, the illustrations flowed within the content to give a looser and animated approach.

"David is an exceptional creative and a total joy to work with. He has an impressive range of talents from developing eye-catching brands and campaigns through to building websites, and he gets things done quickly and professionally. A rare find!"

Alex | Here & Now

Your the yin to my yang! Communication and improv isn’t a one way street. It’s all about listening, waiting and reacting to the moment which is simply represented by the logo marque. 

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