From helping Team GB track all British athletes and their kit at the Olympics in Rio, to helping Virgin Media save time, resource and to be able to expand their tracking system to improve staff collaboration and project progress.

The challenge

The last ten years hasn’t seen the visual brand develop in the same way as the agency experience. The challenge required realigning the visual approach to the brand strategy and expressing a far more authentic look and feel.

It’s time for the digital transformation agency to get a taste for its self!

The truth

We Know Data is now the vibrant and engaging agency, making waves in a sea of digital and technological cliché's.

The decision was made to mimic the agency communication style with a vibrant, social and definitive blue. It’s bold, memorable and aligns perfectly to express the agency experience. 

The modernist shapes took the mathematical and statistical essence of their output and by representing actions with bold  and abstract shapes, better fused the link to overall technological change.

Check out the full site in all it’s glory here 

The skill of We Know Data as an agency is in the way it controls and utilises data to create better work flows. This idea was expressed using the dot’s from the logo marque. Rather than seen as a stop or pause, the dots now represent the catalyst for flow and explode as ‘data’ introducing flecks of the vibrant secondary colour palette.

"The work was just incredible and i can't believe the difference it's made to our company. The whole team at Truth or Dare were absolutely superb and i can't wait to work with them again on some projects we've got coming up in the future. From all at WKD, we love your work!"

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