Brand Strategy & Discovery

If you’re struggling to communicate what makes your business special, it’s time to clear the fog. From desk research and focus groups to employee interviews and stakeholder workshops. 

Our branding packages will get under the skin of what makes your business unique and develop a brand positioning that gives your business the foundation to accelerate growth.

Brand discovery session

This package is for the business who needs help communicating a unique proposition.

Starting with desk research we then run a session over a video meet or on site. The business stakeholders are taken through a discovery programme to gather future insight to position a clear brand strategy on.

All the session, interviews and research discovery will then be translated in the form of a playback presentation. 



Per additional individual interview


Creative brand strategy

If you’re having trouble bringing your brand proposition to life then this is the package for you.

This package will help to articulate the businesses unique proposition into a consistent voice and message. From admin and sales to management, this package will have them communicating from the same page. This will also form the foundation for a Visual Identity project.




Examples of brand strategy projects

Transforming the transformation agency

Straight talking

Plenty of Punch and not so Judy

Reach out

It’s time recruitment changed its stripes

Lateral thinking

A new flow for the insurance world

Closer connections for business

If you want to start a brand strategy project message below!